D'Appolonia was founded in 1956 by Dr. Elio D'Appolonia as an outgrowth of private consulting work that he performed while a member of the civil engineering faculty at Carnegie Institute of Technology, now Carnegie Mellon University. The firm has always had its headquarters in the Pittsburgh, PA area and our office is currently located in Monroeville, PA. Dr. D'Appolonia is an internationally recognized figure in geotechnical engineering and maintains an active lifestyle and continuing affiliation with the firm.

Dr. D'Appolonia with senior staffers Bill Johnson and Colleen Campbell at a recent company event.

In the years since its founding, the firm has provided basic engineering and scientific services directly related to the economic growth of the nation and the world. This work has included:

  • Siting studies and geotechnical and environmental engineering related to the construction of major industrial facilities such as steel and chemical plants.
  • Siting studies, geotechnical and environmental engineering, and hydrology/hydraulics for fossil, hydroelectric and nuclear power plants.
  • All types of environmental engineering studies ranging from site assessments to major studies for remediation of Superfund sites.
  • Engineering services for the mining industry related to construction of waste disposal embankments.
  • Site development services, including redevelopment of Brownfield sites.
  • Design and rehabilitation of earth and concrete gravity dams and related hydraulic structures.
  • Geological characterizations and seismic hazard assessments for structures sensitive to seismic loading.
  • Development of regional solid waste management plans and performance of environmental compliance studies related to pipeline construction in third world countries.

New Shareholders

D'Appolonia recently added three new shareholders to company ownership. Details are provided at the following link.

Business Philosophy

Our business is based upon close working relationships with our clients. We listen carefully to our clients to fully understand their needs and we work closely with them to solve their engineering problems. Our technical staff members stay abreast of developments in their technical professions, allowing us to implement both traditional and state-of-the-art technologies in our engineering analyses and designs. A high percentage of our work is repeat business from existing clients.